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Bathroom accessory sets

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Wyślemy: Friday (21 January)
String Mop set
Wyślemy: Friday (21 January)
Cleaning kit PIKO I
Wyślemy: Monday (24 January)
UltraSpeed Mini starter kit
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UltraSpin Mini starter kit
Wyślemy: Monday (24 January)
Vileda Professional UltraSpeed Pro Starter Kit
Wyślemy: Monday (24 January)
Set automatic bins 40+12l SNP

Bathroom equipment sets with liquid soap dispensers, disposable towel dispensers, toilet paper containers, waste bins and many other essential for any public toilet products are the perfect solution if one wants to quickly and cheaply equip communal or private toilet. Carefully selected and perfectly matched plastic and steel sets of accessories are excellent choice for schools, hospitals, restaurants or offices. These groups of products easily cope with the challenges of modern toilets and provide high level of hygiene and aesthetics,