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Soap dispensers are essential element of equipment for public toilets, doctors' offices, catering facilities and various types of hygienic and sanitary rooms. What kind of soap dispenser choose?- Comparison and detailed description of all types of soap dispensers. Due to the way of starting the dispenser we offer: automatic dispensers and elbow soap dispensers. Thanks to such start-up, these dispensers meet the highest standards of hygiene and are perfect for medical facilities, manufacturing facilities and catering establishments. Due to the purpose of the product we offer a wide range of: liquid soap dispensers, foam soap dispensers, liquid hand sanitizer dispensers, hand cleaning paste dispensers, gel dispensers. Dispensers are an extremely useful element of interior design especially in public buildings such as schools, hospitals, doctors' offices, kitchen facilities or social facilities in industrial plants.
Instructions when you should wash your hands, hand washing instructions- infographics to download.