Hand dryer Dyson Airblade AB11 Tap Wall 1600W

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The modern model of hand dryer Dyson Airblade AB11 is a combination of the three main advantages: speed, health and economy

Revolutionary technology

It provides an effective method of drying hands. The precise effect is a result of connection of two advanced technologies and many years of construction. This leaves the hot air hand drying and evaporation instead developing method in which the central role filtered air flow with very high speed (644 km / h). As a result, water is simply pull out of hand, and the whole process takes just 10 seconds.


In the process of air filtration can distinguish four main stages. First, the air passes through a special filter HEPA H12 (type Lifetime) enriched with anti-bacterial coatings. The merit of this is that the air used for drying is clean. Indeed filter removes 99.9%. Then the air gets into the engine, which transmits them through the device. There enters the insulated air ducts, whose role is to lower the noise level. At the end of the air stream is blown by a very narrow gap of 0.3 mm.

Energy efficiency and environmental

Its cause is largely a short time for drying hands using 80% less energy than would be the case with traditional dryers (4.44 kWh - Dyson Airblade, 22.36 kWh - dryers traditional), therefore operating costs falling to a minimum and reach the level of 0.0017 (PLN) per dry. Is also reduced carbon dioxide emissions, which annually reaches 88 kg.

Indestructible case

Attention is also drawn to the characteristic body hair, which is vandal-proof property, and all by design and deployed for building materials. Housing of die-cast aluminum is strong and durable. The same method gives the material a suitable elasticity, so they do not break or crack as a result of strong beats and flanges.

Proven and reliable

Dyson Airblade has undergone a number of fundamental biological research and held in the laboratory of Dyson, as well as external, independent and reputable organizations, leading universities.

Electro-technical parameters:

  •     Housing: die-cast aluminum is resistant to vandalism, anti-bacterial, painted outer shell
  •     Color: silver
  •     Power supply: 230-240 V
  •     Frequency: 50 Hz
  •     Power Rating: 1600 W
  •     Motor speed: 88,000 rev / min.
  •     How to start: automatic - photocell
  •     Drying time: 10 sec
  •     Continuous running time: 30 seconds
  •     Air speed: 644 km / h
  •     Exhaust air: 37 l / s
  •     Noise level: 85 dB
  •     Protection: IPX5
  •     Dimensions: height 642, width 303, depth 248 mm
  •     Package dimensions: height 740, width 365, depth 315 mm
  •     Weight: 14.5 kg
  •     Packaged Weight: 17.5 kg
  •     Warranty: 5 years.


Installation height (measured from the floor):




Children / Persons with disabilities

To the upper edge

1050 mm

975 mm

875 mm

For screw fixing points

990 mm

915 mm

815 mm

The bottom of the device

408 mm

333 mm

233 mm

With hair dryer: