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Wyślemy: jutro
Toilet paper dispenser Lamix Cliver
Wyślemy: 12 April (Tuesday)
V-fold towels grey cliver economic Lamix
Wyślemy: 15 March (Tuesday)
Handtowel rolls 130 m Cliver green Lamix
Wyślemy: 08 February (Tuesday)
V-fold towels white cliver economic Lamix
Wyślemy: 08 February (Tuesday)
Paper couch roll Lamix 60 m cellulose Ellis Professional

Lamix is a leading manufacturer of hygienic paper products for professional use. Company delivers high quality products as well as complete solutions for AFH sector. The company was founded in 1991 as a hygienic and paper product distributor. In 1995 the company changed its profile from commercial into production activities. Since then, Lamix is continuously investing into its own production facilities and new technological lines. Leading articles in offer are: tissues, toilet papers, folded paper towels, roll paper towels, kitchen paper towels and wiper rolls. The company is creating by people with passion whose major value is to manufacture products recognized by their customers.