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About Us

Balanced development and experience

We started in 1998 as a small local company. From the very beginning we have specialized in comprehensive public restroom accessories. The shop was created on the basis of our passion and thorough knowledge of the branch as well as realizing how large the potential of the Internet is when nobody noticed it.

We have chosen the Internet

We have decided to make the Internet our main channel of sales channel. This enabled us to optimize our operating costs and guarantee our customers most favourable prices. All the time, we have observed the needs of our customers and the market requirements; we have been adjusting our customer service and delivery models so that it is most satisfying for our customers.

What are we valued for by our customers?

We have been uninterruptedly operating in the Internet branch since 2007, and that is why we have such considerable e-commerce experience. A customer expects three things from us:
1. attractive price,
2. quick delivery,
3. reliability and security of the transaction.
We provided all these things due to utilizing standard e-commerce customer service procedures.

Quick and due delivery

In terms of logistics, we cooperate only with partners that guarantee quick and due delivery within the area of the EU, thanks to their global transportation service.

Our own warehouses

Our convenient location near main communication routes guarantees our customers the continuity and security of delivering goods. The optimization of our order service system and product logistics system results in attractive prices of our products. Many years of experience allowed us to create a very efficient system of delivery and order service for our customers.