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How to place an order?


If you wish to place an order through an online store, use the order form.

For this purpose:

  • search for products by browsing product categories or by using the search engine.
  • after selecting a product, proceed to its page by clicking on its name. You can also place the product directly to the basket using the "add to basket" button.
  • the shopping basket is used to store purchases till the "proceed to checkout", i.e. until the order is finalized in the online store. Every product you intend to buy must be added to the basket beforehand.
  • the contents of the basket can be modified at any time before the order is finalized. Each product can be removed from the basket by clicking the "x" symbol in the "Delete" column. The "Quantity" field is used to increase or decrease the number of pieces of the selected product.
  • in the next stage of ordering, select a convenient form of delivery and payment and enter the invoice data and the address to which the order is to be sent.
  • comments related to the order can be entered in the "Comments to order" field. The whole must be confirmed using the "Proceed to confirmation" button at the bottom of the page. Proceed to the "Order Confirmation" page where you can check the correctness of the data and enter any corrections in the order.
  • to finalize the order, press the "Order" button. After completing the ordering process and receiving the order, the online store sends a message confirming the order to the e-mail address provided.
  • if you wish, you can set up an account at the store and place orders as a logged-in customer. However, this is not mandatory.  

You are encouraged to view an instructional video showing the steps to make a purchase.


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How to place an order?