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Tracking shipment

1. On the day of dispatch of the order, the customer receives to his/her e-mail a notification with the number of the bill of lading and information, which courier company will deliver the goods. This allows for checking the current location of the package. 
2. In order to check the location of the shipment, have the bill of lading number of the package ready, which you should give to the hotline consultant or enter into the appropriate field on the courier company’s website. 

Tracking shipment - Poland

DHLCheck online - shipment status Call DHL hotline – tel.: +48 42 634 53 45

GLSCheck online – shipment status Call GLS hotline – tel.: +48 46 814 82 20

PEKAESCheck the telephone number to the nearest branch of PEKAES:

Tracking shipment - European Union (excluding Poland)

Check online – shipment status