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Special Offers


Special Offers
Wyślemy: Monday (21 June)
Dispenser for liquid soap 0.8 l LAB
Special Offers
Wyślemy: Monday (21 June)
Wiper roll 300 m Lamix Green
Special Offers
Wyślemy: Monday (21 June)
Toilet paper jumbo 120 m ELLIS PROFESSIONAL Lamix
Wyślemy: Monday (21 June)
Zestaw: dozownik czarny Faneco i mydło OLE 5l
Special Offers
Wyślemy: Wednesday (23 June)
UltraSpeed Pro Double Bucket Ready to Go
Wyślemy: Monday (21 June)
Toilet paper dispenser ECO Faneco
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OLE.PL is a specialized supplier of public toilet equipment. The store offers, among other things: hand dryers, pocket dryers, hotel dryers, swimming pool dryers, liquid soap dispensers, contactless dispensers arm lever dispensers, foam soap dispensers, countertop dispensers,  paper towel dispensers, dispensers for paper towel in rolls, stands for wipes, tissue and hygienic bag dispensers, toilet paper dispensers, paper holders, waste bins, contactless baskets, sanitary basket, garbage containers, garbage segregation bins, air fresheners, fragrance dispensers, fragrance cartridges, toilet brushes, toilet hangers, toilet signs, bathroom accessories, bathroom mirrors, changing tables for children, handles for the disabled, handrails for the disabled, sanitary, shower, wash basin, non-contact, urinal fittings for the disabled and WC frames, waterless urinals, urinals and stainless bowls, foldable toilet paper and paper towels, paper towels, paper wipes, cleaning trolleys, service trolleys, liquid soaps and many others.
The most common areas of application of the store’s products are: schools and preschools, universities, government institutions, offices, doctors’ surgeries, health services, sports facilities, train and bus stations, airports, cultural facilities, industrial buildings, shops, shopping centres, restaurants, bars, hotels, etc.